Purpose Built for Pickleball

DINK Pickleball Eyewear are designed from the ground up with the Pickleball player in mind.

Improves Player Performance

DINK Pickleball Eyewear are powered by Hue Lens COLORBOOST™ to increase visibility of the ball and reduce reaction time.

Safety-Rated Protection

Dink Sunglasses adhere to the highest US ANSI and International ISO safety standards for impact safety and UV light protection.

Increases Player Safety

DINK Pickleball Eyewear adhere to the highest US ANSI and International ISO safety standards for impact safety and UV light protection.

Enhances Player Comfort

All DINK Pickleball Eyewear are anti-slip, anti-fog with feature adjustable nosepieces. All styles available in non-prescription and prescription.

Performance by ColorBoost™

Step onto the pickleball court with ColorBoost™ lenses and experience a game with heightened precision, enhanced awareness, and vibrant color.

Boosted color contrast and clarity by ColorBoost™ ensure you never lose sight of the ball. Keep your eye on every rapid serve, spin, or volley with unparalleled clarity, ensuring you’re always ready to return with confidence.

Misjudging distances on the pickleball court can be the difference between a winning shot and a miss. With enhanced depth perception provided by ColorBoost™ lenses, your ability to gauge ball distances becomes incredibly precise, giving you a distinct advantage in rallies.

ColorBoost™ doesn’t just enhance performance; it amplifies the joy of playing. With increased color saturation and vibrancy, every court becomes a canvas of lush and vivid colors, enriching your overall game experience.

Dive deep into the nuances of the game. ColorBoost™ enriches color detail to offer exceptional texture recognition, allowing you to predict ball movement and read opponent plays with enhanced accuracy. Be ahead of the game, always.

Gain a Visible Edge on the Competition

With ColorBoost™ lens technology, you’ll immediately notice how much easier, and sooner, you will be able to see the ball—allowing you to react faster and play better.

React Faster and Elevate your Play

React Faster and Elevate your Play

Unlock a significant advantage with our high ColorBoost™ color-contrast lenses tailored for daylight conditions. Studies reveal that even a 100ms reduction in reaction time can lead to a remarkable 5-foot advantage when tracking a ball moving at 30 mph. Elevate your performance with our state-of-the-art lens technology, ensuring you stay ahead of the competition on the field.

Italian-Made Performance Frames

Italian-Made Performance Frames

Elevate your athletic style with Dink frames. Handmade in Italy, our frames blend urban chic with sporty resilience. Made from 65% eco-friendly vegetal material, they feature concealed steel spring hinges and customizable 3D nose pads and temples with anti-slip rubber tips. Designed for standout athletes who demand both style and performance, our frames make no compromises. Plus, they come with a lifetime warranty for your peace of mind.

  • Modern, minimalist design is lightweight and stays securely in place
  • Hand Painted
  • Carbon-charged nylon frame provides rugged durability
  • Hidden Steel Spring Hinge easily adapts to your face without deforming the lens, providing maximum comfort and optical clarity

Brighter and Better

Brighter and Better

With Dink ColorBoost™ lenses, you will experience the game with unparalleled vibrancy and clarity. Our lenses offer brighter colors and sharper contrasts than anyone else on the market, leaving the competition in the shade.

Get in the Zone with Dink Eyewear

What Our Customers Say

“I just wanted to say thanks again for the awesome shades. I wouldn’t have been able to win last weekend without them. We were playing on the courts with the green surface. Nobody could see the ball except for me.”
Cesar M
“I was looking for a pair to play indoors and dusk: Dink where suggested at a teaching clinic and are amazing for eliminating the glare.”
Susie B
“I got Dink because the frame fit my small face and was surprised how much better the world looks thru a dark lens; thanks for an amazing fit and vision.”
Kelly C
"Absolutely love these glasses! They're light, stay put through every game, and really protect my eyes. A must-have for any pickleball enthusiast! Couldn’t play without them now."
Gabi S