Pickleball Eyewear for players who want to perform and look their best

Elevate Your Game and Style

Unleash your true potential on the pickleball court with Dink. Say goodbye to the frustrations of ill-fitting eyewear, fogged lenses, and compromised style. Say hello to the perfect blend of performance, eye protection, and fashion.

Perfect Fit & Style

Experience the pinnacle of pickleball fashion with our meticulously crafted Italian-designed frames, designed specifically for a woman’s face, ensuring a perfect fit and unbeatable style that's as exceptional as your gameplay.

Protect Your Game

Fortify your pickleball skills with frames and lenses exceeding ANSI safety standards for impact resistance. Dink eyewear safeguards your eyes while ensuring crystal-clear vision to keep you at the top of your game.

Boosted Performance

Elevate your performance on the pickleball court with ColorBoost™ lens technology. Designed specifically for pickleball, Dink lenses enable you to see the ball clearer and faster, enhancing your reaction time so you can stay ahead of the game.

Elevate your game and your style with Dink.

Step up your game and your style with Dink.

What Our Customers Say

“I just wanted to say thanks again for the awesome shades. I wouldn’t have been able to win last weekend without them. We were playing on the courts with the green surface. Nobody could see the ball except for me.”
Cesar M
“I was looking for a pair to play indoors and dusk: Dink where suggested at a teaching clinic and are amazing for eliminating the glare.”
Susie B
“I got Dink because the frame fit my small face and was surprised how much better the world looks thru a dark lens; thanks for an amazing fit and vision.”
Kelly C
"Absolutely love these glasses! They're light, stay put through every game, and really protect my eyes. A must-have for any pickleball enthusiast! Couldn’t play without them now."
Gabi S