Elevating Pickleball Performance and Style

You shouldn’t have to compromise when it comes to your performance, your eye protection, or your appearance while out on the courts. Our ColorBoost™ lens technology maximizes the visibility of the pickleball, providing you with faster reaction times—allowing you to dodge errant shots headed for your face, or better see the opportunity for the clean winner. We have paired this innovative technology with the best in Italian-designed sports frames, offering options created specifically for a woman’s face as well her fashion sensibilities.

Dink™ Pickleball Sunglasses are designed from the ground up specifically for the Pickleball players

Our anti-fog lenses feature ColorBoost™ lens technology increasing visibility of the ball

Designed to fit a woman’s face, our frames are anti-slip and feature adjustable nosepieces.

Dink meets the highest US ANSI and International ISO impact safety UV light protection standards

Designed for Pickleball

Designed for Pickleball

Dink™ Pickleball Sunglasses are the ultimate choice for avid Pickleball players. Crafted with precision and tailored to the unique needs of the sport, these sunglasses offer not only superior UV protection and impact resistance but also come equipped with cutting-edge anti-fog lenses that enhance your ability to see the ball. Designed from the ground up with the player in mind, they ensure clear vision even during intense rallies and heated matches. With Dink™ Pickleball Sunglasses, you can focus on your game without worrying about losing track of the ball due to poor lighting, glare or fogging, giving you the competitive edge you need on the court.

Key Pickleball Stats

Key Pickleball Stats

  • 36.5 million - Number of players in the US
  • 18-34 - Largest age bracket of pickleball players (28.8% of total)
  • $152.8 million - Pickleball paddle market size in 2021
  • 158.6% - Pickleball's average growth rate over the last 3 years
  • 10,320 - Number of places to play pickleball in the US
  • 7.7% - Forecasted compound annual growth rate through 2028

Enhanced Performance

Enhanced Performance

Dink™ Pickleball Sunglasses redefine performance on the court with their state-of-the-art features. Equipped with innovative anti-fog lenses and powered by ColorBoost™ lens technology, they significantly improve visibility of the ball, allowing you to track every movement with precision. By reducing glare and enhancing contrast, these sunglasses not only make the game more enjoyable but also sharpen your reaction time, giving you a competitive advantage that can make all the difference in your Pickleball performance.

Form Meets Function

Form Meets Function

Dink™ Pickleball Sunglasses are meticulously crafted to cater to the needs of women players. Designed with a perfect blend of style and functionality, they enhance not only performance but also aesthetics. These sunglasses feature anti-slip frames that guarantee a secure fit even during the most intense matches, and their adjustable nosepieces ensure a personalized and comfortable fit for every woman on the court. With Dink™ Pickleball Sunglasses, you can step onto the court with confidence, knowing you have both exceptional performance and a stylish accessory that complements your game.

Safety Rated Frames and Lenses

Dink™ Pickleball Sunglasses offer exceptional safety and have successfully met and exceeded rigorous safety standards, providing players with peace of mind while enjoying their favorite sport.

Frame Safety

Testing surpassed standards for general use sunglasses

  • EN ISO 12312-1 Impact resistance of the filter, strength level 3 (EU)
  • ANSI Z80.3 (US)
  • AS NZS 1067.1, Impact resistance of the filter, strength level 3 (AU/NZL)
  • CNS 15067, Impact resistance of the filter, strength level 3 (Taiwan)

Testing surpassed standards for safety spectacles (TR90 NZZ material)

  • FT, High-speed particle at extreme temperature (Taiwan)
  • EN 166 FT, High-speed particle at extreme temperature, Optical Class 1 (EU)
  • ANSI Z87.1+, Impact related (US)
  • AS NZS 1337.1, Medium Impact (I) (AU/NZL)
  • CNS 7717

Lens Safety

All Dink ColorBoost™ Lenses meet ANSI Z87.1 standards for IMPACT RESISTANCE

All Dink ColorBoost™ Lenses perform to the following standards for UV RESISTANCE

  • UV 400, provides 100% protection from UVA and UVB rays up to 400 nm
  • Filters between 75% to 90% of visible light (400 nm to 700 nm) from the sun

Elevate Your Look and Your Game

What Our Customers Say

“I just wanted to say thanks again for the awesome shades. I wouldn’t have been able to win last weekend without them. We were playing on the courts with the green surface. Nobody could see the ball except for me.”
Cesar M
“I was looking for a pair to play indoors and dusk: Dink where suggested at a teaching clinic and are amazing for eliminating the glare.”
Susie B
“I got Dink because the frame fit my small face and was surprised how much better the world looks thru a dark lens; thanks for an amazing fit and vision.”
Kelly C
"Absolutely love these glasses! They're light, stay put through every game, and really protect my eyes. A must-have for any pickleball enthusiast! Couldn’t play without them now."
Gabi S